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Absence Policy and Request Form

Attendance Policy


Band Members must attend all scheduled rehearsals and performances.


Band members are expected to inform employers of the rehearsal and performance schedule and work out conflicts ahead of time. WORK IS NEVER AN EXCUSE TO MISS AN EVENT.


Any absence due to family vacation or special event must be coordinated with and approved by the Director prior to the start of the season. If a family vacation or special event is scheduled AFTER the season starts, a minimum of six weeks notice must be given, but as much advance notice as possible is appreciated.  If a member has three or more absences planned for the season, a meeting with the Director will be required to discuss participation.


Permission for any absence must be requested with an Absence Request Form (ARF) and is granted at the discretion of the Director.

Excused absences include: Illness, Death in the family and similar family emergencies, Conflict with another school activity (this should already be resolved through the OHS Co-Curricular Conflict Resolution Form).


Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to the following: work, birthday, party, rock concert, sporting events, movie premiers, driver’s education class, homework, gout surgery, hot date, new puppy, couldn’t get a ride, had to babysit, I was tired etc.

Poor attendance will result in suspension/dismissal from the group. Membership dues or other monies WILL NOT be refunded if a member is dismissed.

REMEMBER: Only one absence per request. If you are going to miss more than once, please submit a new ARF for each absence. For example, if you are going to miss three rehearsal in a row, please submit this form three times, or, if you are going to leave early on Tuesday, miss on Wednesday, and arrive late on Thursday, you need to submit three ARFs.

Oakville High School Tiger Bands

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