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France Fundraising Information

France Fundraising Chairs

Corporate Donations/Sponsorships:  Chair - Nikki McGilvery:

Media/Publicity:  Chair – Cyndi Sullivan:

Student/Community Fundraising Events:  Chairs – Lisa Boll & Suzanne McGinnis:

Shipping/Transportation Donations:  Chair – Stacey Geldmacher:

Merchandise/Service Donation Procurement:  Chairs – Jim & Dixie O’Shea:

Shadow Trip Coordinator:  Chair – Lisa Coombs:

Fundraising Committee Co-Chair:  Julie Elking:

BMS:  Sarah Davis: Phone/text: 314-341-9517 e-mail

OMS: Suzanne McGinnis: text 314-269-7153  e-mail  (prefer text)

Oakville High School Tiger Bands

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