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  • Students: We couldn't do anything without your daily commintment to improvement. It is an honor to be in front of you.
  • Parents: We couldn't do anything without your kids and support. Thank You.
  • Administrators: Thank you for valuing the arts and what we do.
  • Our Families: For the hours/days we are away. Your unconditional support and love is valued more than we could every express.
  • Nottelmann Music: For your incredible personal service to the Mehlville School District. 
Mehlville School District Board of Education

Mr. Venki Palamand, President

Mr. Larry Felton, Vice President

Ms. Samantha Stormer, Secretary

Dr. Lisa Dorsey, Director

Mr. Jamey Murphy, Director

Ms. Jean Pretto, Director

Ms. Lori Trakas, Director


Mehlville School District Administration

Dr. Chris Gaines, Superintendent

Dr. Brian Lane, Deputy Superintendent

Dr. Jeff Bresler, Assistant Superintendent - Supervision of Schools

Dr. Tina Plummer, Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum

Mr. Marshall Crutcher, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Mark Catalana, Executive Director - Human Resources

Mr. John Wolff, Director - Communications

Oakville Middle School Administration

Mr. Mike Salsman, Principal

Mr. Patrick Bellinger, Assistant Principal

Bernard Middle School Administration

Mrs. Lori Sullivan, Principal

Mr. Paul Westbrook, Assistant Principal

Oakville High School Administration

Ms. Jan Kellerman, Principal

Mr. Brian Brennan, Assistant Principal

Mr. Matthew Willett, Assistant Principal

Mr. Ross Bullington, Assistant Principal

Ms. Becky Czuppon, Activities Director


Instrumental Music Staff and Support

Ms. Jan Kellerman, Secondary Fine Arts Principal Facilitator

Ms. Amy Learn, OHS Performing Arts Department Chair

Dr. Laurie Tretter-Larkin, Director of Fine Arts

Mr. Vance Brakefield, Oakville High School Band Director

Mr. Theron Perkowski, Oakville High School Associate Band Director

Mr. Thom Skinner, Bernard Middle School Band Director

Ms. Lisa McMahon, Oakville Middle School Band Director

Mr. Christopher Pieper, Assistant Bernard and Oakville Middle School Band Director


Oakville High School Tiger Bands

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